Camille Dela Rosa, Visual Artist
  the visions of things that are about to come?
  by Noel Sales Barcelona, B.TH.  

IT'S the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the moment of truth and the time where the flow of energies, both Divine and Mundane are so intense, that it can create an unexplainable series of experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This is the time where the creativity of the person is so strong that it can be thought of as a sort of divination or prophecy.
Camille de la Rosa's works are more than paintings; they are symbols and a series of visions put into the canvas. It's about the new order of things, the expected "end" of the "world", thus, creating the room for a new one.
Call it absurd, nevertheless, no one can deny the depth and intensity of the ideas that the painter had put on her work-the worldly and the spiritual affairs intertwined in a work or two. Who amongst us are not interested on the economic and political dealings of the most influential and most powerful governments of the world? Who is not bothered by the alleged hypocrisy of the world's greatest religion, Catholicism? And who among us are more open now in the ideas of the divine powers allegedly dwelling within us?
Perhaps, these descriptions of Camille's works are mere exaggerations but even exaggerations had not limited itself to that; visionaries and prophets had forewarned about the calamities that might befall upon men and women because of their gargantuan desire for personal pleasure and due to their hypocrisy and Narcissism. Look at the works of the young de la Rosa: they are Tarot cards containing massive secrets that are waiting to be unveiled.


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