Camille Dela Rosa, Visual Artist
  Camille Dela Rosa: Finally Taking Dominion of Her Art
  by Cid Reyes  

Camille Dela Rosa, who made her name with floral images and ancient churches, has evolved through her young years into a deeper, thought-provoking artist by delivering subjects totally unexpected by her audience. Camille has dared explore emotional and visual territories previously untold. This was evident in the recent works that literally disemboweled the human physiognomy, explicitly grisly to some people's taste.

In her current show, titled "Dominion", Camille ventures into the politics of spirituality, in the realm of Dominion Theology. These latest artworks ask the question: who shall inherit the earth? Evangelical theosophists and so-called New Age theosophists vie for the souls of mankind, willing to lay themselves down as victims of a martial religiosity, and succumbing to the messianic visions of these spiritual war-freaks.

In these latest, apocalyptic canvases, Camille brings into existence the realities of these spiritual and ideological disturbances, indeed emerging as a protagonist for the salvation of souls, waylaid into the worship of an imperialist Christianity. Camille's paintings are themselves visionary projections of an artist bursting out of the chrysalis of her former lyrical self.


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