Camille Dela Rosa, Visual Artist

Camille Dela Rosa is known to enchant her viewers and collectors with her impressionist gardens, landscapes, churches, beaches and genres since 1998. To the amazement of her followers, she completely departs from those hedonistic subjects to explore the surreal, the morbid, the mechanical, and the unknown. Her cruising is quite smoothly; as if she had already mastered how to pilot her ship without the compass, looking only at the constellations of the moon, the stars and the planets, as her guide.

With torn flesh, skulls, and distorted faces, combined with beasts' body parts, Camille's canvases now bleed with different moods and expression of the human face -thus remaking the concept of beauty, of dreaming, of chaotic and peaceful realities. These bring up the images from her subconscious mind. Through this, Camille was able to create artworks that to others are "morbid" but oozing with mystical and esoteric symbolism.

If the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is universally acceptable, it can thus be said that there's real beauty in the "morbid" canvases of Camille Dela Rosa.

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